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another step or two in the right direction

I”m finally getting the rest of my stuff put into my apartment this weekend. My brother Tom is graduating from Bethel and my parents are coming up with the trailer full of my stuff. I’ll get my stuff moved in and then he will pack his stuff up in the trailer. I can’t wait to not be sleeping on an air mattress anymore.

I’m gonna be seeing some of the guys I went to Bethel with tonight. I haven’t seen most of them for a couple years, so that should be fun.

I got some swimming goggles. I’m going to be swimming at the gym with Jeff whenever he goes now. I really need the exercise, last time I was there, I was embarrassed at my lack of endurance. The summer after high school, when I was a lifeguard, I don’t know what my “limit” was, but I once swam a mile and a half. When I went to the gym on… Tuesday? I swam a length and a half, and then I had to stop because I was out of breath. I have lots of room for improvement.


minnesota bound

I’m heading north later today. My cat, my clothing, and I are setting out to camp out in my mostly empty room for a week until next weekend, when my dad will bring up the trailer with all of my stuff in it. My brother Tom graduates next weekend so I will unpack my stuff, then his stuff will be packed up and hauled back to Iowa. This week, then, is going to be a little less than comfortable as I make do with no bed or furniture. Fortunately, my roommate Jeff is already moved in, so the apartment has furniture. It’s only my room that is empty. I have to figure out if I can fit all of my stuff in my room and what things I’ll have to not keep around. I hope to fit my couch in my room, but that’s probably going to be one of the first things to go.

Jeff is marinating a steak for supper. That will be good.

My cat is going to have to learn to get along with Jeff’s cat. That will be interesting.

I’m not so good at making these blog posts worth reading. I’m going to have to work on that. I will improve or quit. I promise.


I’m moving back to Minnesota this Friday. I’m currently in Iowa, visiting for a while before I move north. I haven’t been here since Christmas, and it’s really great to be back. 

While I’m not technically done at Purdue, I did pass my thesis defense. This means I’m only bound to finish my thesis and turn it in, pending the approval of my committee. I’m also going to be writing a few papers, though, so there is more to be done this summer. Regardless, I’m translocating to New Brighton to finish my work remotely. I will sorely miss my good friends of the last two years and the wonderful coffee served at Greyhouse. If you ever find yourself within a hundred miles of West Lafayette, Indiana, you should detour and get some coffee there. You won’t regret it. Fortunately, the same technology that allows me to finish my work remotely also allows me to stay in touch with my friends. I can’t say the same for the coffee.

I’m excited to be moving back to MN. It’s going to be good, and I plan on having many exciting and enjoyable times. I’ll be living with Jeff, my former roommate from my years at Bethel. We do well as roommates. I had a few analogies to describe how we work together, but one was odd and sappy and the other was amusing and slightly insulting. I decided not to use either of these. Finding a good analogy is difficult; it’s like…