another step or two in the right direction

I”m finally getting the rest of my stuff put into my apartment this weekend. My brother Tom is graduating from Bethel and my parents are coming up with the trailer full of my stuff. I’ll get my stuff moved in and then he will pack his stuff up in the trailer. I can’t wait to not be sleeping on an air mattress anymore.

I’m gonna be seeing some of the guys I went to Bethel with tonight. I haven’t seen most of them for a couple years, so that should be fun.

I got some swimming goggles. I’m going to be swimming at the gym with Jeff whenever he goes now. I really need the exercise, last time I was there, I was embarrassed at my lack of endurance. The summer after high school, when I was a lifeguard, I don’t know what my “limit” was, but I once swam a mile and a half. When I went to the gym on… Tuesday? I swam a length and a half, and then I had to stop because I was out of breath. I have lots of room for improvement.

    • Andrew Schrauth
    • May 25th, 2012

    I can’t wait to go home.. and sleep.. on my air mattress

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