I went to a concert tonight with Jeff. The Dear Hunter played, and then they performed as the backing band for Anthony Green. It made me really sad to hear Anthony Green. He is a very lost and struggling man. There was so much pain in the room. Maybe I’m a little hypersensitive at the moment, but I just suddenly realized how lost and scared and confused all of these people were. There are so many people searching for anything with any sort of meaning and falling completely flat on their faces. I feel like one benefit of the current state of our postmodern society is that there’s a real lack of false substance in the world. It isn’t like that everywhere, but I know that as I looked around the room tonight, there were a lot of lost people trying to find meaning and knowing they were all just pretending to have found it. That angry emo teenage stuff we remember seeing around in high school is matured now. It’s a lot more than a phase for a lot of people. The advantage here is that I think in this group of people, everyone is a lot more desperate and they know that what they are trying to be satisfied with is completely failing them. That’s dangerous, but it’s also a huge opportunity for God to really move in peoples’ lives. Anthony Green was like a 7 year old throwing a tantrum on stage. That description fits his stage presence, his singing, and really his music in general. He’s a 30 year old emo high schooler. And he lives for his fans. That’s not a safe thing to live for. Some of you may have seen the quote I posted on Facebook the other day, C. S. Lewis said “Don’t let your happiness depend on something you may lose.” I can’t imagine the pressure he must feel, hoping he doesn’t disappoint people. The scraps of self-deprecating humor he tossed out had far too much belief behind them. When he thanked the crowd for their applause, there was far too much relief and vulnerability in his voice.


Just had to get all this out, lots to think about. There are a lot of lost people out there. I know I don’t have all the answers, but I’ve got one big one, and everything else depends on that.

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