apologies and forgiveness

it has occurred to me recently that i don’t really understand these two things fully. my next thought after realizing that was to consider that we teach these concepts to young children, but i’m not sure children are really very capable of understanding what it means to apologize or to forgive. part of this is because at that age, most kids don’t have anything major enough in their lives to have to face apologies or forgiveness in a very meaningful manner. so my question to you, my dear reader, is this: how do we teach kids that apologies and forgiveness are more than just something you say after you do something that somebody else is upset about?

  1. And…even for adults “I’m sorry” sad quickly, mumbled under one’s breath doesn’t exactly communicate its true meaning. Bethel offered a class, Christian Marriage, that I felt rather odd taking as a single gal, but…it talked about how an apology can mean so much more when a few factors are involved.

    Admitting you were wrong and what you plan to do differently next time.
    Asking for forgiveness.
    And allowing the person wronged some time. I think as Christians we often assume someone HAS to forgive us right away.

    I think all of those things combined help all involved. The reflection to hopefully change or adjust whatever he/she did in future conversations and situations. And the appreciation for knowing it was not a “imsrry” quickly stated to fix things.

    What do you think?

    So, I suppose…kids may not exactly understand how to apologize…I’ve heard it so many times…”Say you are sorry”. Thus creating the exactly scenario from up above.

    I wonder if exploring and explaining the idea of grace with kids might help? Instead of hounding them about the “do’s” and “dont’s”. Reminding them of God’s grace more often and what it means…and what is means for us in our own relationships…

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