head and heart

I’ve noticed that a huge barrier to me writing on my blog is that I tend to want my posts to be this grand event of sorts, and I get big thoughts and want to sort them all out to their ends before I share them with people. While I think this is probably a good thing in some ways, it also keeps me from writing on here very often, so I’m going to try to resist that urge for a while and see if it’s fruitful to just write on here more causally.


I’ve come to realize that one of the biggest problems I face in my spiritual life is a disconnect between believing something in my head and believing it in my heart. For example, I believe that God is good, he loves me, and his plans are better than mine. The problem comes when I get to the application of those truths. I find it very difficult to run my life according to to those truths, because it doesn’t feel sensible or safe or sustainable. However, it seems that every time I buckle down and really work at trying to do things God’s way, it all turns out better and my life is improved. Just thought I’d share that bit with you, I know it’s a lot easier to listen and nod and smile along with a sermon than it is to actually live the way God wants us to. So if you’re struggling with that, you’re not the only one.

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