endings and beginnings

it’s funny how we use the phrase “all good things must come to an end,” but we don’t use that phrase for bad things. i think this is partly because we use it as a phrase of condolence to ourselves when we’re let down by a good thing ending. when bad things end, we usually don’t notice. i read somewhere that whatever the chemical is that your body associates with depression takes something like 6 times longer for your body to flush out of your system than the chemical associated with happiness. i suspect the happiness one is dopamine or… seratonin? or something. if i knew what the chemicals were, i wouldn’t have been so vague in my earlier sentence. if you’re so curious, look it up for yourself. anyway. i think due to this fact, bad things dont seem like they end, because they stick with you longer psychologically. also, when it comes to beginnings, i think bad things usually seem like they come out of good things ending, but good things seem like they are new when they happen. maybe that’s just me. 

anyway, ive had a few blog ideas lately and i’ve just had a hard time getting myself to write things down. i read somewhere recently that people of my personality type usually have a hard time fully explaining themselves to other people and therefore generally don’t bother. we don’t think linearly enough to have it translate well into blog posts. so i’m going to blame my lack of posting on that. my other two recent blog post ideas have been on feminism and racism (unrelated topics), so if you want me to write about one of those, tell me, and maybe i’ll find the motivation.

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